Selected clients: Coca Cola, Penguin, Nissan, United Airlines, VolksWagen,

The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, HBO, Guardian, El Pais,

CNN, American Express, Bank of Scotland, Hermes, TIME.

Penguin - The girl who slept with God
New Republic - post consumerism  society
The New York Times Magazine - Alone Together, Naturally
Seac sub - discover
swimming pool - Silver Medal Advertising SI 53
Victoria Synphony 4
Real Simple - Focus on what people said
The Washington Post -  the _invention_ of Christmas
Plansponsor- Gap
Nautilus - Illusions
turtle portrait
Real simple - friends tips
Internazionale - Now we are five
Variety - America goes to Cannes
Middlebury Magazine - drama in Connecticut
Cio - The departed
love 2
Savanna Music Festival 2017